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UCL East campus: The Masterplan

The UCL East "masterplan" has informed the Outline Planning Application, which set a framework for building heights and blocks, the amount of floor space, building uses, and links to space

A sunny summers afternoon in the Olympic Park at Stratford

16 October 2020

Programme phases

The UCL East programme will be delivered in phases as part of the overarching masterplan. At each phase of development there will be a coherent and functional campus, enjoyable and accessible to UCL students, staff, the local community and visitors. It is anticipated that during the phasing of the UCL East development, a number of interim and meanwhile uses will be considered.

UCL East Phase 1

Construction of UCL East Phase 1 started in 2019, with the first building expected to be completed in time for the start of the 2022 academic year. Phase 1 development will comprise around 50,000 sqm of development, including around 550 bed spaces for student accommodation. Initial modelling suggests that when Phase 1 is fully operational, there will be up to 4,000 students and 260 academic staff on site.

UCL East Phase 1 will be focused around the Waterworks River, and will deliver the two buildings currently known as Pool Street West and Marshgate.

The high profile location of Phase 1 in the Olympic Park and the East Bank, London’s new ambitious cultural and educational district, will help establish a strong presence for UCL and a clear identity for UCL East from day one. The existing 2012 Gardens and the Waterworks River provide a beautiful setting, and the location takes advantage of the highest footfall routes in this part of the Olympic Park. The location of Phase 1 has also been carefully decided to ensure that future development and construction will not impede university life nor the use of the buildings.


an aerial photo of the olympic park showing the UCL East campus sites highlighted in blue

Phase 1 objectives

As part of Phase 1, the UCL East programme will:

  • Create a distinct and confident campus, providing an appropriate identity for UCL on the Park
  • Provide an outstanding environment for learning and scholarship for students, staff, collaborators and the public
  • Build on and develop the idea of the "Fluid Zone" on lower levels, encouraging the public to access the building through active frontages, a range of activities and events
  • Encourage chance interactions of people working in the building to increase social and academic exchange
  • Encourage approaches from all directions around the site to connect the building to the Park and provide navigation
  • Provide new high-quality residences for students
  • Accommodate facilities expected to operate on a 24/7 basis
  • Provide interactive public engagement and exhibition spaces
  • Achieve long term adaptability, while accommodating the requirements of the first generation of users
  • Provide high standard sustainable design throughout the development - in social, economic and environmental aspects.

    The remainder of the proposed development will take place in UCL East Phase 2.