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Introducing the Research and Innovation Services Division

31 March 2021

Led by Claire Glen, Executive Director of Research & Innovation Services, RIS brings together UCL’s Research Contracts and Research Services teams.

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As well as sponsored research, the new division will also support innovation and research-related projects. While there are no changes to any current processes or ways of working at this point, over time we envisage that RIS will include the activities and functions of Research Services and Research Contracts, along with new teams for Operational Strategy, Policy & Planning, and Quality & Assurance.

Over the next few months the Research Support Transformer team will be supporting RIS to:

  • identify what changes might be needed to the systems that support research and innovation;
  • to better understand how innovation activities could be supported centrally through RIS pilot;
  • and to make it easier for researchers to find the information they need by developing an online portal that offers signposting and guidance based on the research and innovation lifecycle.​

As subsidiaries of UCL, UCLC and UCLB will not be part of RIS and will continue to provide their services to the academic community.

In order to understand how we can best support innovation activities centrally, we have established a pilot with colleagues in the Faculties of Engineering and Medical Sciences. There are many ways that collaborations and funding is brought in to UCL and the aim of the pilot is to capture as many of these routes as possible.

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