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UCL Technical Futures Staff Survey 2021 now open

25 June 2021

UCL's Technical Futures Staff Survey is open until 30 September and open to all staff undertaking significant elements of technical work as part of their normal role.

A member of technical staff at UCL

Update: The survey is now live - deadline 30 September

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Since September 2020, the Technical Staff at UCL project team have been working closely with the Technical Managers Group and the UCL community to help support our technical staff and improve career development opportunities through the delivery of UCL’s Technician Commitment Action Plan.

We are currently running a bespoke technical staff survey in partnership with the National Technicians Development Centre. The aim of the survey is to understand more about the full breadth and diversity of technical expertise at UCL as well as the professional development opportunities might be needed to support the community. This clarity will help us to develop improved career pathways and a clearer offering for how technical staff can develop their careers at UCL. 

The UCL Technical Futures Staff Survey is based on a National Technician Development Centre (NTDC) survey that has been successfully deployed at 12 other higher education institutions.
Faculty representatives have been working hard to prepare, develop, and tailor the survey to meet UCL's needs, building skills lists and shaping questions so the survey is meaningful and easy to follow. At UCL, we have chosen to make the survey anonymous and the data will only used to help us improve life at UCL for our technical community in line with our action plan and the Technician Commitment 'challenges'. 

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