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We’ve launched a paperless process for staff expenses

1 April 2020

Following feedback from the Finance user community, we're excited to announce that the Finance Transformer has launched the first of its service improvements. Staff across UCL can now follow a fully paperless process for the submission of expense claims in iExpenses.

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Claims can now be submitted and processed using receipt images only, removing the need to send paper receipts to Accounts Payable.  This enhancement significantly reduces the administration attached to 45,000 expense claims a year and ensures faster reimbursement.

Since launching on Friday 27 March, over 200 claims have already been raised. 

To assist staff with the new process, follow the links below for full step-by-step guidance and FAQs:

Sustainability benefits

This also has significant sustainability benefits.  The changes will save around 90,000 sheets of paper a year and remove approximately 270kg of paper waste for disposal - the equivalent of saving 11 trees. Additionally, there will be no need to archive the paper claims, reducing transport to and from UCL’s records store in Essex (over 35 miles away from campus), therefore cutting traffic, congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions.

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