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Recent improvements to automate and simplify processes in MyFinance

30 April 2020

The Finance Transformer project has introduced number of improvements to help simplify purchasing processes and to enhance support for billing activities and income generation.

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Following the launch of a paperless process for the submission of staff expenses earlier this month, these improvements will reduce the administration time spent on over 200,000 transactions each year. 

Recent improvements

  • All requisition and expense claim approval notifications will now display the funding source associated with the project code charged for the expenditure, reducing the administration attached to approving around 100,000 requisitions and 35,000 expense claims each year. Read the guidance notes.
  • New functionality has been introduced to automatically email approved non-catalogue purchase orders (PO) to the relevant supplier. Read the guidance notes.
  • Invoice hold notifications have been simplified by restricting the number sent to requisitioners and approvers to only one per invoice, reducing administration attached to the processing of 50,000 invoices per year.
  • Supporting attachments for requisitions can now only be attached at header level. This ensures that they are always visible to a signatory on the approval email, reducing queries and the need to log in to MyFinance at each stage. Read the guidance notes.
  • A monthly data cleanse will now be carried out on the supplier list, reducing the number of active suppliers held on the system by around 25,000 and ensuring that only active accounts, with up to date details, are available to choose. The process to set up a new supplier or reactivate an old supplier can be found at New Supplier Requests.
  • New functionality has been introduced to automatically email approved sales invoices to the relevant customer. Read the guidance notes.

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