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Project and Programme Management Community of Practice launch the PPM Portal

11 October 2019

The Project and Programme Management Portal is an online resource for UCL Staff to access PPM tools, methods, best practice and other resources.

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The Community of Practice (CoP) for Project and Programme Management (PPM) aims to create opportunities for the wide range of staff working in or with an interest in project, programme or portfolio management at UCL to share information, resources and best practice, network with one another and access training opportunities.

The diversity of projects and programmes that run across UCL, in terms of type, scale and context, mean the CoP offers excellent opportunities for practitioners to learn from one another and to help build our shared experience and expertise over time.

One of the PPM CoP’s inaugural projects – Communities of Excellence, set out to create an online resource for the Community to access PPM tools, methods and other resources.

The Project and Programme Management Portal

In the portal you will find:

  • Information about the Project and Programme Management Community of Practice.
  • A glossary of key PPM terms, details about PPM Governance within UCL and information about PPM roles and responsibilities.
  • Links to other UCL webpages and external websites that you may find useful for PPM related events and resources.
  • Information on the PPM CoP Mentoring scheme and other learning and development opportunities.
  • A range of useful tools and templates that you are encouraged to download and use on your projects.
  • The Lessons Learnt Log launched by the community – this currently contains lessons from past ISD projects and will expand to include lessons from Estates projects and UCL's Major Projects and Programmes. 

Visit the PPM Portal

Launching the PPM Portal

On the launch of the Portal, Dean Stokes, interim Director of Planning and PPM CoP Sponsor said:

“The launch of the portal represents the culmination of a huge amount of work by the Communities of Excellence project team. 

"I’d like to give particular thanks to Laura Mackenzie, Joseph Morganite and Armando Noronha for their skilful leadership, and to Andrea De Santis and Melissa Mead for the immense time and effort they devoted to developing a set of templates to share. 

"Thanks too to all those involved in helping to gather, analyse, review and refine the information and material, and in choosing and designing a suitable platform to share these. 

"For the latter especially, we are indebted to Edd Charnley, who provided expert advice on options and led the development of the portal itself – thank you Edd!

"The content will be expanded in due course and we are keen to hear what you would find most helpful. You can get in touch with us with any comments, suggestions or queries via the PPM CoP MS Teams site or contact the Head of Centre of Excellence, Sarah Earl, at sarah.earl@ucl.ac.uk."

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