Transforming Our Professional Services



There are currently two communities of practice that bring together staff working in planning, projects and data related roles from across UCL.

Planning+ Communities of Practice

Data and Insight

Project and Programme Management 

Staff who produce data, insight and analysis to improve evidence-based decision-making to help UCL fulfil its academic mission. A significant part of your core role is likely to involve analysing data and delivering data-driven insight to decision-makers.

Staff who manage projects and programmes that aim to invest UCL’s valuable resources to improve operations in support of our Academic Mission. As a project or programme manager at UCL, you may currently use an established approach or methodology. A significant part of your role is likely to involve initiating or coordinating change, improvement or other projects or programmes of work.

Leaders and their divisions


Rebecca Allen, Data and Insight Manager (Education), UCL Office of
the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)

Sarah Dowling, Project Manager, Division of Psychiatry

Martin Howells, Data and Insight Manager, Planning Division

Sarah Earl, PMO Manager, UCL East

Peter Jones, Director, Data and Insight Planning DivisionDean Stokes, Major Projects Portfolio Director, Planning Division 

Join a Planning+ Community of Practice

Community led projects



Leading COP

Data and information catalogueTo make UCL's data visible and accessible so that it can be used to contribute to decision making.  Data and Insight
Report builder guidanceTo establish and embed best practice principles for report building, to increase the quality of data reports and communication across UCL. Data and Insight
Sector collaboration To identify inspiring practices being used by other institutions and build relationships that foster collaboration. Data and Insight
UCL project log

Understand the totality of planned change across UCL and our capacity to drive and support it
·         To start with we will create a register that aims to capture all of the projects that are currently underway

Programme and Project Management
Communities of excellenceCreate a project management framework for UCL 
·         To start with we will identify the most appropriate tools and methods and make them the standard across UCL
Programme and Project Management
Mentoring for the communityEstablish a mentoring scheme for the Project & Programme Management Community 
·         To start with we will develop a scheme that supports members of the core Project & Programme Management                                 Community in their career choices
Programme and Project Management
Training and developmentProvide a coherent offering to underpin people’s career and personal development choices 
·         To start with we will provide access to training & development opportunities that will help people achieve their                                 professional goals
Programme and Project Management
HackathonPromote active, practical collaboration within the Project and Programme Management CommunityProgramme and Project Management