UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Technology Management Research Project

Module Director: Dr Michael Emes

Credits: 60

Assessment: Final Dissertation (90%), Research Project Presentation (10%)

The Technology Management Research Project ('Research Project') with its associated Dissertation and presentation is the principal research element of the MSc Technology Management and is a compulsory part of the MSc in Technology Management.

Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. Demonstrate that the student is capable of conducting an extended programme of independent research, and
  2. Provide the engineering community with a practically applicable piece of work.

These two purposes are the foundation of the way in which the Research Project is conducted and assessed.

The academic supervisors appointed to you for the Project Concept module will help shape and steer your project as it develops, and ensure that you make satisfactory progress.

What will you learn?

From the Project Concept module, you will have already gained a working understanding of

  • Conventions in academic writing Formation of research objectives
  • Literature search methods
  • Planning of research work and small projects in general
  • Academic presentation skills

In this module, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the conventions of academic work and the way in which arguments are structured and carried out. Furthermore you will become extremely familiar, if not experts, within a particular research area pertinent to the general aims of the programme, and able to work with state of the art material in that area.

You will learn to summarise and critique the value of approaches documented by others, and also to assess critically the impact of your own contribution and will learn to present an informative and detailed report on your findings.