UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Customised Training and Consultancy

Customised training

We deliver tailored courses in systems engineering and project management to a range of industry clients.

We can develop courses to match your specific training needs.

We will examine in-house practices and standards and relate these to the wider body of knowledge in systems engineering and project management. We can also address specific developmental concerns of organisations, such as certification of employees. We are used to working with training managers and human resources professionals in ensuring that bespoke courses are:

  • precisely tailored to the training need
  • professionally prepared and delivered
  • backed up with assessments and records of achievements

Bespoke training courses can be delivered at your premises or at a hotel. We can develop web-based training courses, help you design your own courses and 'train the trainer' so that you can develop your own in-house training capabilities.

For further information send an email to uclse.courses@ucl.ac.uk


Systems engineering is a subject with great relevance to industry, and we are often asked to help organisations with consultancy projects to improve their capability or effectiveness. Consultancy projects typically last from a few days to a few months. Among other things, we offer:

  • Development of quantitative and qualitative models to improve decision making
  • Assessment of systems engineering and project management capability
  • Assessment of systems engineering and project management training needs
  • Assessment of technology readiness levels
  • Development of web-based training programmes
  • Guidance on government policy (using systems thinking to understand wider implications of policy decisions)
  • Contribution to technical reviews