UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Emerging Technology Review

Module Director: Dr Michael Emes

Credits: 15

Assessment: Emerging Technology Report (80%), Emerging Technology Presentation (20%)

Module overview

The Emerging Technology Review module is a group project that requires students to critically assess the value of a new technology, including:

  • Selecting a technology for the group to analyse
  • Describing the maturity of the technology
  • Evaluating the market potential for the technology
  • Identifying barriers and risks to the technology's exploitation
  • Suggesting a roadmap for technology development

Students work in groups of 3-4 to select and critically evaluate an emerging technology. They receive tutorials to prepare them for the work and present their findings in a seminar.

The students will prepare and deliver a 5000 word report, present to an audience of tutors and the student cohort, and respond to questions about it.

What you will learn

The Emerging Technology Review aims to give students experience of applying techniques introduced in the Taught Modules to produce a substantial analysis of a new technology, in terms of maturity, risks and market potential. Students will gain a working understanding of

  • Analyzing technology maturity
  • Technology market appraisals
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Conventions in academic writing
  • Literature search methods
  • Planning of research work
  • Planning of small projects in general
  • Academic presentation skills