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What can you do to make your lab greener?
DIY approaches help to minimize plastic use and energy waste in science research.
May 2020.

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How can we improve sustainability in the lab? An introduction to UCL's LEAF programme. 
What is the environmental impact of laboratory research and more importantly how can we improve environmental sustainability in the lab?
FEBS blog.
March 2022.

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Climate crisis and ecological emergency: Why they concern (neuro)scientists, and what we can do.
BNA paper from Sage Journals.
Feburary 2022.

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Urgent action is required to increase sustainability in in vitro modelling.
Springer Link.
March 2022.

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Getting labs to net zero needs a coordinated effort.
Research Professional News.
Jul 2022.

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LEAF status for all Exeter labs.
All eligible laboratories at the University of Exeter have now achieved Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) accreditation.
March 2022.

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University of Bristol’s 900 laboratories receive green status in world first.
The University of Bristol became the first institution in the world to achieve 100% of their labs using LEAF.
July 2021.

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LEAF – A new standard in Sustainable Science.
Read Universities UK endorsement of LEAF.
Aug 2021.

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Can UCL scientists win the race against single-use plastics?
Kinesis Magazine - UCL Life Science Student Publication.
January 2020.

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Can laboratories move away from single-use plastic?
Article from C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) on LEAF, plastics, and more.
November 2019.

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Sustainable lab buildings.
After a decade of grassroots growth, the laboratory sustainability movement is bursting into the mainstream finds James Mitchell Crow.
Chemistry World.
March 2020.

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Seize the lab waste day.
It’s time to confront the amount of plastic that’s thrown away by scientists each year.
Chemistry World.
April 2020.

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