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Rail Travel

It's easy to travel to and from UCL by train due to our proximity to the international rail station St. Pancras as well as London's other major rail stations.

UK Rail

Last year, UCL staff flew from London to Edinburgh over 130 times, even though the total travel time to Edinburgh is very similar by train. It is important to consider how long flying will actually take, including journeys to and from airports and time spent waiting at them. For many destinations, especially within Great Britain and on Eurostar routes, rail can take less time, and most often you will arrive in a city centre. For example 5 out London’s 6 airports take over an hour to reach from UCL, and travel time from Edinburgh and Glasgow airports to the city centre is around 45 minutes.

In addition to total travel time, the benefit of rail over air is increased useful time – for example a train to Edinburgh would provide 4 hours of free wifi to allow work to be done. Alternatively that is time to read uninterrupted by security checks or in-flight sales announcements.

How to book?

UK rail can be booked online directly through the Clarity Travel Portal.


European Rail

For many destinations in Europe, the train is a feasible alternative to flying. London to Paris takes only 2.5 hours, Amsterdam 4 hours, Frankfurt 4.5 hours and even Barcelona can be reached in 10 hours.

Have any colleagues made similar trips and can offer advice?  Ask the organiser if a meeting can start later to accommodate your schedule when travelling by train.

How to book?

Eurostar – Eurostar trains can be booked online directly through the Clarity Travel portal.

The offline team is also on hand to assist with any International rail enquries you have. To speak to a member of UCL’s Branch Team please:


Maps and planning

Researching tickets and timetables