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For many destinations, especially within Great Britain and on Eurostar routes, rail can take less time, and most often you will arrive in a city centre.

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19 November 2022

UCL’s Travel Expenses Policy states UCL staff must “select the most carbon-efficient way of reaching your destination, even if this may not necessarily be the cheapest”.

Why travel by rail? 

  1. Reduce carbon emissions by 75% on average. 
  2. More flexible travel times and routes.
  3. No need to arrive hours in advance for check-in and security.
  4. Travel between city centres rather than commuting to and from airports.
  5. Saves you time - Five out of six of London's airports take over an hour to reach from UCL, and travel time from Edinburgh and Glasgow airports to the city centre is around 45 minutes.
  6. Hours of uninterrupted wifi-time to work.

Ranking of travel mode by carbon emissions per km travelled with domestic flights having the biggest and Eurostar journeys having the smallest footprint

Rail tickets and timetables

All rail travel can be booked through UCL's Clarity Travel Portal including Eurostar trains. 

The offline team is also on hand to assist with any International rail enquries you have. To speak to a member of UCL’s Branch Team please:

Call 0333 230 9110 or Email uclbusiness@claritybt.com

European rail

Clarity Travel provides a European rail booking service including Eurostar bookings to Amsterdam. 

UCL students and staff can search and book European rail journeys online for the following countries and with the following providers:

Useful rail links 

Book rail through the Clarity Travel Portal​ →