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UCL expands opportunities for sustainable travel

6 October 2021

UCL’s travel provider has launched a new European rail booking service for students and staff

Train driving through a green landscape with a person looking out of the train and smiling

UCL has pledged to become a net zero-carbon institution by 2030. We are committed to delivering global impact while reducing the carbon footprint of staff and student travel. 

We are excited to announce that UCL’s travel provider, Clarity, launched their European rail booking service through their Go2Book Portal on 30th September 2021.

This means that UCL students and staff will now be able to search and book European rail journeys online via Go2Book in the following countries and with the following providers:

In addition, Eurostar booking has been updated to include journeys to Amsterdam.

You will still be able to enquire about and book European rail travel offline if additional support is required. The offline team is also on hand to assist with any International rail enquries you have, To speak to a member of UCL’s Branch Team please:

Why Choose Rail over Air

Choosing to make short haul journeys by rail instead of air can reduce carbon emissions by 75%.

Ranking of travel mode by carbon emissions per km travelled with domestic flights having the biggest and Eurostar journeys having the smallest footprint

Figure above shows gCO2 per km of travel. Source: ourworldindata.org/travel-carbon-footprint

Additional benefits of taking the train:

  • More flexible travel times and routes
  • No need to arrive hours in advance for check-in and security
  • Travel between city centres rather than commuting to and from airports
  • Ability to work on the train

Find out more about low impact travel at UCL here and make your next journey to Europe by train!

Please note that this is a brand new online service so we welcome any feedback that you have. Please provide your feedback or comments via our feedback form or by contacting the Commercial and Procurement team.