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UCL's 'Inclusive Environments: Annual Report' launched

24 May 2021

In April 2019, Sustainable UCL employed UCL’s first Access and Inclusion Manager, Pip Jackson to create ‘an accessible, publicly engaged organisation that fosters a lifelong community’ – open to all. Find out how far we’ve come in UCL's 'Inclusive Environments: Annual Report'

Cover of UCL inclusion report showing a diverse group of people with disabilities

Pip Jackson wearing a sunflower lanyard
Everyone at UCL should have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute freely in the activities of UCL, and we should be supporting everyone to achieve their ambitions. A world class university such as UCL should support and not hinder access to our buildings and spaces.’

Pip Jackson, UCL Access and Inclusion Manager

In January 2020 the Disabled Student Network released the report ‘Disability Discrimination faced by UCL Students & Recommended Measures’, which is highly critical of the impact the built environment has on the student experience at UCL.

UCL recognises the challenges and barriers posed by our estate for our disabled staff and students.

The impact of UCL’s first Access and Inclusion Manager, Pip Jackson, is significant and over the last 18 months, we have improved and enhanced our estate under their direction.

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