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Launch of the UCL Climate Hub

26 January 2021

At UCL we know that we can’t address the climate emergency with a single idea. That is why the UCL Climate Hub brings together minds, perspectives and expertise across disciplines and communities to foster the innovation needed to face the world’s greatest challenge.

Image of Helen Czerski in front of the UCL portico

Explore UCL's Climate Hub here!

Why does UCL need a Climate Hub?

From the development of bee populations to the effects of climate change on legal systems, UCL researchers are approaching the climate emergency from a wide range of perspectives. However, when trying to learn more about UCL’s interdisciplinary climate change work, it can be difficult to find the right information among a myriad of online search results on the topic.

Led by Geraint Rees and supported by David Price, UCL’s new climate hub was created to address this challenge. The hub aims to bring together UCL researchers and students acting for a climate resilient future and to tell an engaging story about UCL’s climate change work to prospective students, and external funders and partners. This will also contribute to further building up UCL’s presence on climate change prior to COP26.

How did we develop the UCL Climate Hub?

An academic steering committee with researchers and professionals from across UCL provided input throughout the Climate Hub’s development. Whether you are interested in specific climate change related research cases, the work UCL is doing in partnership with policymakers, industry partners and local communities, or action that UCL is taking on its own campus, the UCL climate hub is the page to consult. The hub also features a community page with key UCL climate researchers, professional staff and students, and a study page that gives visitors a flavour of the different ways in which students can study climate change at UCL. 

How can you get involved with the UCL Climate Hub?

Learn more by exploring the Climate Hub or by watching UCL’s climate video. You can also join the conversation online by using #ClimateUCL on social media and by tagging @SustainableUCL.

If you would like to feature your research on the climate hub or be on the hub community page, please email Sustainable UCL.

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