Sustainable UCL


UCL’s community is shaping a sustainable future despite challenging times

1 February 2021

Here comes a publication that presents stories and perspectives on our current experience by UCL students, staff and alumni from around the world. Discover poems that reflect the challenges of COVID or project ideas for greening the UCL campus.

Girl drawing on the floor with the title #ChangePossible Zine as stickers on top

When the first lockdown began, Sustainable UCL set out to create an online publication, the #ChangePossible Zine, that celebrates the creativity and community spirit that normally permeates the UCL campus. We invited students, staff and alumni to participate in our #ChangePossible zine competition to capture the resourceful, and diverse ways in which the UCL community is coping with exceptional circumstances and contributing to a fair and sustainable future. The most creative submissions would make it into our online publication. 

It has been truly inspiring to review everybody's innovative work and to find out about the different ways in which the UCL community is adapting to the current situation. We are excited to share the result with the UCL community – a mix of stories about how our students, colleagues, researchers and alumni have been collaborating and adapting to promote community and sustainability during lockdown and to createa more sustainable future afterwards.

Our special congratulations go to Carson Yeung, who won the main competition prize, an annual subscription to MasterClass Online Classes, with his photo series entitled “My local place, Milton Keynes”. 

Seeing all this energy and initiative makes us feel truly confident that we can make #ChangePossible and meet the sustainability commitments we have set ourselves for 2024!

Have a look at the Zine and get inspired!