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Sustainable UCL’s top books and articles on Environmental Justice and Racism

15 February 2021

One of the best things you can do to help solve climate change right now is to enhance your education on sustainability – and in particular environmental justice, racism and activism.

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Climate change is a global problem, but not everyone is impacted equally. Black, Indigenous and People of Colour around the world are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis -- from low-lying island nations in the Global South, to majority black and brown neighbourhoods in countries like the UK in the Global North.

Racism also affects participation in climate action aimed at protesting many of these injustices; a BAME¹ activist is much more likely to be confronted by police in a protest than a White activist. Although there are many BAME activists leading the climate debate, we can do much more to amplify their voices and increase the diversity of the environmental movement. 

These book and article recommendations provide insights into the systemic link between climate change and racism, whilst offering solutions for a fairer greener future. However, we invite you to also do your own research to reflect on the inclusivity of the environmental movement. 



¹ We recognise that “BAME”, like other umbrella acronyms relating to race and intersectionality, is a contested term. See these resources for further information: