Sustainable UCL


Submissions for the #ChangePossible Zine now open!

22 June 2020

Enter to be part of Sustainable UCL's zine and win a creative online class subscription! In collaboration with the University of London, the Change Possible zine will showcase how the UCL community is coming together to shape a sustainable future in the time of Coronavirus.


While we can’t be together right now, we can still celebrate the creativity and community spirit that normally permeates the UCL campus. This is why we are launching the #ChangePossible Zine competition.  

Send us your stories about your research on how to create a more sustainable future post lockdown, or how you have been collaborating and adapting to promote community and sustainability during this time. Alumni from all over the world are also invited to re-connect with UCL through this project with their submissions. The most creative submissions will be made into a zine, an online mini-magazine. It will capture the innovative, resourceful, and diverse ways in which the UCL community is coping with exceptional circumstances and contributing to #buildbackbetter once we emerge from lockdown. 

What can I submit? 

Submissions can be anything that your creative heart desires. A text and a few images are great. If you want to take it further, why not create: 

  • Poems (Please note the word limit for written submissions is 700 words)

  • Short stories (Please note the word limit for written submissions is 700 words)

  • Songs 

  • Photography 

  • Podcasts 

  • Artwork 

  • Videos 

  • Giffs  

Anything that captures the UCL sustainable community spirit works for us. 

Your creations can tell stories about: 

  • Community-led projects or volunteering since isolation; 

  • Creative sustainability initiatives or sustainable life hacks at home; 

  • Research or work on policy, engineering, planning, architecture, design, art, science or medicine which is working towards creating a better future socially and environmentally; 

  • Emotions and feelings during the pandemic; 

  • Sustainability practices that help you maintain your mental and physical wellbeing during this time 

How do I participate? 

Email your submissions to sustainability@london.ac.uk, by Friday 7th August, and tell us your name, where you’re currently living, and whether you are a student, staff member, or alumni (you can request to remain anonymous if you prefer).  

What can I win? 

We’ll be sharing highlights from the submissions we receive on UCL social media channels, websites and publications, the Week@UCL newsletter going out to all staff and the myUCL newsletter going out to all students throughout Spring and Summer. Particularly creative submissions will also be featured in a zine, which will be published online and shared during UCL’s 2020 welcome period. 

Access to online classes  

The author of our favourite submission will also receive an annual subscription to either Master Class Online or Skillshare dependent on their choice. 

How will it be judged? 

Our favourite submission will be chosen based on the following criteria: 

  • A strong link with the theme

  • Fresh point of view/originality 

  • Unique style 

  • Quality of execution 

  • Likely to move or inspire other people 

We hope that this competition will demonstrate how the UCL community is coming together during COVID-19 and how we want to shape our world sustainably after the current crisis. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions via sustainability@london.ac.uk – we can’t wait to see what you decide to share!   

This campaign is part of the #WeAreUCL campaign which celebrates the diversity and spirit of our community in these extraordinary times. Check out this link to find out more.