Sustainable UCL


Day in the life of a Sustainability Manager at Bywaters

2 February 2018



Seeing as plastics are a trending topic in the media, Jordan Lamb shares with you a first hand experience of the day in the life of a Sustainability Manager at Bywaters recycling centre.

My itinerary usually consists of auditing buildings and clients making sure all sorts of rubbish are segregated into the right waste streams. Auditing is a vital part of my role, it's a very hands on approach to ensure people are recycling to the best of their ability. Ensuring that people have the correct waste streams in conjunction with coherent signage is vital to hitting our prospecting targets.

But thats all just a fraction of my job; I'm constantly on the look out for innovations and improvements to implement throughout sites like @UCL. Examples of this include introducing coffee and coffee cup recycling on site. Part of this job is about engaging with the students and staff on campus, to ensure they’re all aware of the campaigns UCL are currently issuing.

And lastly I get to round off my role with fun and interactive waste awareness days, consisting of games, prizes, and and educational material provided free of charge! #TheMoreYouKnow!

Join us for UCL Environment Careers Week (5th -th Feb 2018)! Sustainability is a hot topic. Increasingly more employers, are looking for students with sustainability skills and literacy. And not just in environmentally focused jobs, but in engineering, retail, urban planning and many more!