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Share your images of sustainability

28 January 2015




Sustainable UCL is gathering your interpretations and visualisations of key sustainability themes for their Annual Report. Winning entries will receive a £50 prize and coverage in this widely-read report. 

UCL's Sustainability Annual Report is an opportunity to showcase progress made in the last year and generate enthusiasm about sustainability across UCL. And we want to make this as interesting and inspiring as possible. 

Help us create a picture of what it means to create a more sustainable university. 

Whether it's through painting, illustration, mixed media or digital art, we're gathering your interpretations and visualisations of some key themes. We'll use the best of these images to bring this report to life.  

Could you create an image inspired by one these six themes?

  • Cycling and Active Travel
  • Resources and Reuse
  • Sustainable Construction  
  • Energy
  • Learning and The Environment
  • Community and Working Together

Successful entrants will have their work featured in UCL's sustainability report and receive a £50 prize. 

Submit your images

If not already in a digital format, participants are encouraged to submit high resolution scans of their work. If this is problematic for participants, Sustainable UCL can help arrange for this to be undertaken. Participants are also encouraged to include a short blurb about their submission if they feel this is appropriate. 

The deadline for submissions is 28/02/15. To submit images, email them to Sustainable UCL or send via Dropbox.




Find out more: if you have any questions or queries about the competition, or would like to submit your using another method, please contact Sustainable UCL

Terms and conditions: the competition is open to all staff and students at UCL. There is no limit to the number of entries that participants can submit. Copyright of images remains with the artist, and artists will be credited in full when images are used. Participants are encouraged to submit an accompanying blurb for their image(s), but the inclusion of this in the report will be at the discretion of Sustainable UCL. In submitting images to this competition, successful entrants grant Sustainable UCL a perpetual royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use the submitted images in publications, web, through social media and through other platforms. If a low number of submissions are received, Sustainable UCL reserve the right to illustrate this report using alternative means. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on February 28th 2015.