Sustainable UCL


Choose low carbon travel

When travel is unavoidable, you can still plan it in a way to minimise the climate impacts.

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19 November 2022

UCL’s Travel Expenses Policy states UCL staff must “select the most carbon-efficient way of reaching your destination, even if this may not necessarily be the cheapest.''

The travel hierarchy 

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Choose active travel where possible

If the meeting is local, if you can, walk or cycle or scoot all or part of the way. 

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Use public transport

If walking or cycling is not feasible, consider public transport. For longer journeys, take the train.

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Consider car sharing 

When driving is the only practical option, consider car sharing.   

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Flying is the least preferred option

If there is no other way of making your journey, try to fly direct or minimise connections, choose economy class over business class and offset your travel. 

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