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Podcast with GOSH CEO

We know you’ll enjoy listening to this interview by YPAG members Suki and Lauren who made the whole thing happen with their great questions.

Clean Air Community podcast

23 October 2020

Deirdre Leyden who runs YPAG unlocked the whole thing using her amazing enabling skills, and the interview was generously transformed into a podcast and included in the series ‘we are ICH’ by podcasting guru and doctoral student Max Verfeuden, from the Child Health Informatics Group and Vinay Saini, a UCL Clean Air community member from St George's Medical School.

He explains how the podcast came out of a meeting in January 2020 between Helen Lucy, Ana and the Young People’s advisory group to get their ideas on the Great Ormond Street Clean Air Hospital Framework

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We all wanted to hear from Mat Shaw, the CEO of GOSH, and a real supporter of sustainable change. You’ll hear about his aspirations, his journey to work, what he would tell his younger self and how he wants the new sight and sound development in Queens Square to be a really energy-efficient building.

In response to Suki and Lauren’s observations on the positive side of lockdown including online consultations leading to a reduction in travel, you’ll hear Mat’s views on the pandemic as a catalyst for change, but one which couldn’t be allowed to widen inequalities since not everyone has a smartphone or other technologies.

He cautions that in the process of trying to do something good, we’re not excluding some people.

You’ll hear other bonus things about music and lockdown life! And even a couple of Mat’s secrets ….

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