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Make your office more leafy

Interior plants have many benefits from reducing pollutants and carbon dioxide levels to enhancing well-being. They can also be an excellent talking point and a way to make friends.

Office plants

2 March 2020

Many staff across UCL have introduced interior plants into their departments or made outdoor gardens. There are a number of ways to approach this:

  1. Find out from senior management if there is a pot of funding for sustainability or well-being initiatives to buy plants. 
  2. If you have funding, Camden Garden Centre is on UCL's procurement list.
  3. If there is no funding many departments have held plant growing competitions. You can often buy seeds very cheaply or for free via organisations such as Kew Gardens or via the Green Champion Network. Previously staff have competed to grow chillis, tomatoes, or the common spider plant.
  4. Other options would be to take cuttings from plants across UCL via the green champion network.
  5. Please consider your use of plastic when planting. 
    > Find out more from Gardening with less plastic, Gardeners World


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