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Unlocking the SDGs: A Blueprint for the Future podcast

The Unlocking the SDGs: A Blueprint for the Future podcast bring together experts from across UCL and beyond to explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Following the successful first series of Unlocking the SDGs, co-hosts Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute for Child Health) and Professor Priti Parikh (UCL Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction) are back with a wide range of experts to take a deep dive into the UN SDGs

Over six episodes, the series considers issues including the role of culture and humanities in the SDGs, how the SDGs can be more inclusive, and what will follow the SDGs. Guests from across UCL’s faculties and beyond will bring new perspectives and understanding, while UCL students share what the SDGs mean to them.

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ep 1

Episode 1: Culture and the SDGs

In the first episode, Professor Nicola Miller and Dr Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp will be considering the question of culture. What should be the role of culture, and can we achieve the goals without considering it?  

Professor Nicola Miller (UCL Institute of Advanced Studies).
Dr Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, (UCL Institute of Archaeology).

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ep 2

Episode 2: Mental Health and the SDGs

Dr Norha Vera San Juan and Dr Keri Wong are considering the question of mental health and wellbeing. Asking whether the SDGs can and should do more to address this issue, and what that might mean in practice.

Dr Norha Vera San Juan (UCL Institute for Global Health).
Dr Keri Wong (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society). 

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ep 3

Episode 3: The Economics of the SDGs

Today Dr Ida Kubiszewski and Dr Kate Roll are unpacking the competing priorities around the implementation of the SDGs, and the challenges countries face in achieving the Goals, both at home and abroad.

Dr Ida Kubiszewski (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity). 
Dr Kate Roll (UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose).

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ep 4

Episode 4: How Responsive are the SDGs?

Dr Simon Chin-Yee, Department of Political Sciences, and Dr Louisa Acciari, Institute for Disaster and Risk Reduction are unpacking how well the SDGs respond to world issues and whether they need to be more agile to the complex issues of the world and the people within it.

Dr Simon Chin-Yee (UCL Department of Political Sciences).
Dr Louisa Acciari (UCL Institute for Disaster & Risk Reduction). 

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ep 5

Episode 5: What Comes Next?: Part One

In this episode, Professor Ruth Morgan and Professor Andrea Rigon discuss the progress that has been made since the goals were created in 2015, and whether the world is on track to achieve the targets by 2030, as well as what will succeed the goals. 

Professor Ruth Morgan (UCL Security & Crime Science).
Professor Andrea Rigon (UCL The Bartlett Development Planning Unit). 

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ep 6

Episode 6: What Comes Next?: Part Two

In the final episode of the series, Professor Sean Fox and Dr Jessica Espey discuss Bristol’s groundbreaking One City initiative, the development of Bristol University’s partnership with the city council around the SDGs, and what might be next for the SDGs.”

Professor Sean Fox (School of Geographical Sciences) from the University of Bristol.
Dr Jessica Espey (School of Geographical Sciences) from the University of Bristol.

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About our hosts

Professor Monica Lakhanpaul

Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute for Child Health) 
Professor Lakhanpaul graduated from Medicine in 1992. She trained in paediatrics, gained her doctorate in Paediatrics and Child Health in 2003, and proceeded to Senior Lecturer and Consultant Paediatrician at the University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, respectively. In 2012 Professor Lakhanpaul joined the UCL GOS Institute of Child Heath as Professor of Integrated Community Child Health. In 2016 she was appointed Head of Population, Policy and Practice. 



Professor Priti Parikh
Professor Priti Parikh (UCL Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction)
Professor Parikh is the Director of the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction (BSSC). BSSC has 100 staff members, 100 honoraries, 100 PGRs and 700 MSc students all influencing theory, practice and policy for Sustainable Construction. Professor Parikh is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Council Member. She is also on the board of Engineers Against Poverty and Happold Foundation. Her work has received recognition through UCL's Education and Sustainability Research Award, Top 50 Women in Engineering in 2022 and as one of the top 100 academics for policy making for Apolitical. 


Meet the team:

Simon Knowles: Head of Coordination – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Liz Almond: Head of UCL Research Communications
Flavie Belanco: Communications Officer
Produced by Front Ear 

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