Sustainable Development Goals


Encouraging students to seek careers in sustainability

Students are providing a platform to discuss the potential of the green economy and promote the possibilities of a career in sustainability.

An image of wind turbines

14 January 2021

“Through studying economics I realised how market forces can be a strong catalyser in providing incentives to entrepreneurs to develop green businesses and that big companies need to adopt more sustainable tools to match with the current climate emergency,” says Pierre Bouchain (UCL European Social & Political Studies 4), 2020/21 President of the UCL Green Economy student society.

Formed in 2010, the society’s membership has rapidly increased and in 2020/21 numbered more than 100 students.

It offers a platform for multidisciplinary discussion of green economy issues, with a focus on how ‘green’ jobs can have an impact, in green finance or green consulting.

Recent events have included an alumni panel that welcomed back former UCL students now working in sustainability, and the opportunity to hear from speakers who work in the Sustainability departments of consultancies and green asset management firms.

The society seeks to introduce students to careers in the environmental jobs sector, as well as firms who believe strongly in the concept of sustainability, such as sustainable fashion startups or self-sustaining organisations.

“We also want to increase awareness of sustainable development where green economy is the determining driver. It’s not only policy-makers and the private sector that can have a positive impact on the economy – students and consumers in general can make greener buying decisions.”

Participants at career events in 2020/21 have included Ben Constable Maxwell, Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing at M&G), as well as representatives from the Global Clean Energy Practice function at FTI Consulting and EY's Climate Change & Sustainability team.

 “We hope to inform our student body of the range of careers within the sustainability sector, emphasising that they can pursue multiple options regardless of their academic background,” says Si Yuan Lee (UCL Economics and Geography 3), the society’s 2020/21 Vice-President.