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Educating teachers in Jordan

Experts from the UCL Institute of Education are supporting educational reform in Jordan through a new teacher-training diploma.

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7 October 2020

To ensure children get the best education possible, it is vital that teachers are trained to the highest standards. In Jordan, the education system is under reform, and investment in teacher training is a priority.  

Experts from UCL Institute of Education (IOE), led by Professor Norbert Pachler, Pro-Vice-Provost (Education), have been working with the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA), the University of Jordan and local Ministry of Education, to develop a nine-month initial teaching diploma. 

“Our work with Jordanian colleagues has focused on co-developing an internationally recognised diploma that is strongly contextualised to Jordan and its educational system,” Professor Pachler explains.

“We are delighted that this teaching diploma is now being rolled out to several universities across Jordan.” 

At the outset, IOE academics visited Jordan to better understand the quality of teaching and learning in Jordanian public schools. Through a series of focus groups and a literature review, they assessed out what was needed.  

The Pre-Service Teacher Education Professional Diploma launched in 2016 and currently boasts nearly 1,500 graduates. It provides an opportunity for aspiring teachers to learn, practice and engage with prominent educational thinkers, as well as share their experiences and their passion for teaching with colleagues. 

Professor Pachler and colleagues from IOE continue to support the programme, helping to recruit and develop those educating the teachers, as well as selecting students. They have designed and implemented a robust quality assurance framework that reaches international standards and have advised on teaching environments, such as classrooms and facilities as well as virtual learning tools.  

“We are supporting new system-wide approaches to the professional development of teachers in Jordan that builds on the extensive expertise of UCL Institute of Education. We are delighted that this teaching diploma is now being rolled out to several universities across Jordan.” he adds.