Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


Reading Groups

STS hosts a series of reading groups, run by current PhD students, to discuss interesting, thought provoking material in relevant fields.

STS PhD students carry out research in a wide range of areas. In order to inspire debate and provide different viewpoints on their work, students run a series of reading groups covering material in STS-related areas. Each reading group runs each 2-3 weeks, and host their own websites with details of events and readings.


Abolitionist Feminism

The feminist science and technology studies reading group takes an intersectional stance. We reject the idea that to be a feminist is just to talk about gender -- rather discussions are geared towards opposing prejudice and multiple marginalisations in all its horrible variants. The literature we read grapples all forms of intersecting negative ‘isms’ such as racism, ableism, classism, ageism, sizeism, homophobia and many, many, more besides. That is, we utilise the term 'feminism' in its most progressive form. In our mind, long gone are the days where to be a feminist is to only care about white, middle class, women, rather our goal is to find strategies, polices, and resources to tackle access (in)equity and (in)visibility in innovative and forward thinking ways both in STS and out-- in order to do this we engage in open and honest discussions.

Philosophy of Science and Technology (POST) 


History of Science - current chair Scott Keir

The History of Science reading group explores recent global publications in the broadly construed field of the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology. Papers are submitted by group members and therefore represent the full range of interests within the group. Students, staff, external researchers and interested parties can all submit papers for reading, allowing the whole group to explore a topic in more depth and the proposer to gain insights from many different academic viewpoints in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

QueerSTS - current chair Ben Weil

The purpose of this reading group is to start thinking, collectively, about the possibility of a queer science and technology studies (STS). The queer STS reading group will read a range of texts from across queer theory/studies and a nascent queer STS or queer feminist science studies and, hopefully, thinking about how to carry this work into STS writing and methods. Crucially, we’d like to cover queer texts that sometimes ostensibly have ‘nothing to do with’ STS but whose themes might potentially be productive or are politically urgent.

Science and Belief - current chair Nathan Bossoh

Science and Belief is a UCL STS reading group designed to consider themes relating to science in society, however, specifically focusing on its relationship to belief. Belief does not translate directly to religion but instead tries to recognize that everybody, whether religious or not, holds to some beliefs about reality. Therefore, our topics will not be limited only to Western Christianity but rather extend out to various faiths within and outside of the Western world as we discuss hot topics from the evolution of the transhumanist movement to the recent rise of the New Atheists and their prominence in the media. We look forward to some highly interesting and engaging discussions!'


Science and Disability