UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Urban Innovation and Infrastructure

Responding to pressing concerns about the future of cities and city leadership in the 21st century

Our research on Urban Innovation and Infrastructure convenes world-class academic scholarship, typically conducted in collaboration with public authorities, international organisations, the private sector and local SMEs to create a unique environment for urban experimentation, research, and policy advice. While the focus remains on globally-relevant city challenges, projects undertaken are practically oriented and very often locally-focused.

We strive to engage a suite of challenges for urban policy and innovation, tackling pressing questions for cities, from 'smart' infrastructure, to the delivery of essential services, networking and international engagements, disaster resilience and innovation in urban strategies. 

Photograph: Dr Cosgrave with Scatter, The Place’s adult dance company (photograph by Hayley Madden).

Choreographing the City

Exploring what choreographers can teach engineers and urban planners about curating and designing sustainable urban environments

London Tower Bridge

Governing the urban night

Evaluating the governance of the urban night in London, including transport for night workers and a global review of case studies

Hillbrow At Sunrise, Johannesburg by Paul Saad

Urban Observatories

Assessing the roles of 'urban observatories' in policy, in partnership with University of Melbourne, UN Habitat and GCRO in Johannesburg

Women4Climate report


Climate action is not gender-neutral. This project explores how policy makers can drive inclusive climate mitigation

Cars on motorway with greenery

Establishing a Competencies Framework for Infrastructure Policy Professionals

What specific competencies and types of expertise are required from infrastructure policy professionals as they address complex global challenges?