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Urban Innovation and Infrastructure

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International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)

The International Centre for Infrastructure Futures focuses on the development and implementation of innovative business models and aims to support UK firms wishing to exploit them in overseas markets

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Visions of Infrastructure

This project will elucidate the various socio-technical roles that infrastructure has come to perform in order to enhance our collective capacity of shaping and intervening in infrastructure governance

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Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory

STEaPP's Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory responds to pressing concerns about the future of cities and city leadership in the 21st century

Image of the River Thames and London

Liveable Cities

Liveable Cities is an ambitious, five-year programme of research to develop a method of designing UK cities that take cognisance of one world resources and individual and societal wellbeing

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Choreographing the City

This project seeks to explore what choreographers can teach engineers and urban planners about how to curate and design sustainable urban environments and how this learning can influence the way our cities function

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Invisible Threads: Informal Governance Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction

Exploring the role of informal governance systems (IGS) in disaster preparedness response and recovery, in order to inform disaster risk reduction policy-making in hazard-prone cities across the world