Statistical Science


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have studied Statistics as a separate subject or as part of my Mathematics qualifications?

Many of our students have studied some probability or statistics as part of their Mathematics A level, but this is not a requirement. Our first year undergraduate statistics courses do not assume any prior knowledge of probability or statistics.

As long as you show an informed interest in all components of the degree program for which you apply (including the statistical component) e.g. via the personal statement or extracurricular activities, the exact combination of optional components you take for your Mathematics A level(s) is not generally important.

Do I need to have studied A level Further Mathematics?

No, our standard entry requirements can be fulfilled with just Mathematics A level, provided you manage to achieve an A* in that subject.

Further Mathematics is a subject that is very relevant to our degree programmes, so candidates who offer this or similarly relevant subjects are at an advantage provided the grades obtained or predicted are high enough.

Are Mathematics and Further Mathematics considered to be two different A level subjects?

Yes, we recognise Mathematics and Further Mathematics as two separate A level courses, so combined with an acceptable third A level subject these would constitute a sufficient number of A levels to meet that part of our standard entry requirements (provided the grades are sufficient).

Do I need to have taken A level Economics in order to study LG13, GLN0 or GLR0?

No prior knowledge of Economics is required for any of these degree programmes. Of course, previous study in Economics will be helpful in your first year of study.

Do you accept A level Critical Thinking or A level General Studies?

No, A level Critical Thinking and A level General Studies do not meet UCL's A level entry requirements.

I would like to apply for GLR0. Does my chosen language have to be one that I have previously studied, or one that I have not previously studied?

It does not matter whether your chosen language is one you have studied before or not. The starting level of the language is flexible and will be tailored to your prior knowledge. 

If you have already have an A level in one of the languages available, UCL offers advanced language courses covering Business, Current Affairs and Culture at a high level. These courses require a high A level grade in the language concerned, or equivalent. At an even more advanced level, we offer courses focusing on the use of the language for Professional or Academic Purposes, or on Translation Skills.

You may also be able to take optional courses organised by the linguistic department concerned (subject to timetabling constraints and departmental approval). It may also be possible to study two languages.

How do you view applicants who have retaken some of their A level exams?

We do not consider retakes for the department, unless they are eligible for the Access UCL scheme and they have only retaken once.

Do you accept Access Certificates or Diplomas?

Most access courses do not include enough mathematics. We will consider access courses as a qualification, but we require a mathematics syllabus equal to or exceeding A level Mathematics.

Can I apply for direct entry into years 2 or 3?

Applications for direct entry to years 2 and 3 will not be considered.

What is the applicant per place ratio for your courses?

For entry in 2022, we received around 3300 applicants for approximately 150 places across all undergraduate programmes.

When will I hear back from UCL regarding my application?

Our degree programmes attract a large number of well qualified applicants so it may be some time before we can give you a decision. We shall, however, endeavour to consider your application as quickly as we can.

The UCAS advisory deadline, by which universities should try to reach decisions on all "on-time" applications, can be found on the UCAS website.

Where can I obtain additional information?

Please see the UCL prospectus pages. For further enquiries concerning your application to the Department of Statistical Science, please email us at: stats.ug-admissions@ucl.ac.uk.