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Dr Katerina Stavrianaki

PositionLecturer in Risk Analysis
Phone (external)+44 (0)20 7678 1238
Phone (internal)41238
Personal webpagehttps://katerinastavrianaki.com/

* @ucl.ac.uk

Dr Katerina Stavrianaki

Biographical Details

I am a Lecturer in Risk Analysis jointly appointed between the UCL Dept of Statistical Science and the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR). I recently completed my PhD at UCL IRDR. My PhD research included the statistical analysis of earthquakes using the Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence (ETAS) model and more specifically I studied the clustering in earthquake magnitudes. I also study acoustic emissions generated during laboratory deformation of sandstone samples, which can be used as a proxy for natural processes such as earthquakes.

Research Interests

My research interests include statistical seismology, seismic hazard and rock mechanics.


  • K. Stavrianaki, M. Shortt, and P. Sammonds (in review) Source Location and Dataset Incompleteness in Acoustic Emissions from Ice Tank Tests on Ice-Rubble-Ice Friction. Proceedings of the IUTAM Conference on Physics and Mechanics of Sea Ice, Aalto University, June, 2019.
  • D. Pohoryles, J. Melo, T. Rossetto, M. Fabian, C. McCague, K. Stavrianaki, B. Lishman and B. Sargeant (2016). Use of DIC and AE for monitoring effective strain and debonding in FRP and FRCM retrofitted RC beams. Journal of Composites for Construction: 04016057.
  • Abubakar, Ibrahim, et al. The UCL–Lancet Commission on Migration and Health: the health of a world on the move. The Lancet 392.10164 (2018): 2606-2654.