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Dr Ardo van den Hout

PositionAssociate Professor
Phone (external)+44(0)20 3108 3243
Phone (internal)53243
Personal webpagehttp://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ucakadl/
ThemesBiostatistics, and General Theory and Methodology

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Dr Ardo van den Hout…

Biographical Details

Ardo is an Associate Professor in Statistics at the Department of Statistical Science, UCL. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Nijmegen and completed a PhD in social statistics at the University of Utrecht in 2004. Previously he worked in the MRC Biostatistic Unit, Cambridge.

Research Interests

Longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, multi-state models, change-point models, item response models

Selected publications

  • Machado RM, Van den Hout A, Marra G (2021). Penalised maximum likelihood estimation in multi-state models for interval-censored data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 153. 
  • Van den Hout A, Chan MS, Matthews FE (2019). Estimation of life expectancies using continuous-time multi-state models. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 178, 11-18. 
  • Van den Hout A, Muniz-Terrera G (2019). Hidden three-state survival model for bivariate longitudinal count data. Lifetime Data Analysis 25, 529-545.
  • Machado RM, Van den Hout A (2018). Flexible multistate models for interval-censored data: Specification, estimation, and an application to ageing research. Statistics in Medicine 37, 1636-1649.
  • Van den Hout A (2017). Multi-State Survival Models for Interval-Censored Data, CRC/Chapman & Hall