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Dr Ardo van den Hout

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ThemesBiostatistics, and General Theory and Methodology

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Dr Ardo van den Hout…

Biographical Details

Ardo is a Professor in Statistics at the Department of Statistical Science, UCL. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Nijmegen and completed a PhD in social statistics at the University of Utrecht in 2004. Previously he worked in the MRC Biostatistic Unit, Cambridge.

Research Interests

Longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, multi-state models, change-point models, item response models

Selected publications

  • Machado RM, Van den Hout A, Marra G (2021). Penalised maximum likelihood estimation in multi-state models for interval-censored data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 153. 
  • Van den Hout A, Chan MS, Matthews FE (2019). Estimation of life expectancies using continuous-time multi-state models. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 178, 11-18. 
  • Van den Hout A, Muniz-Terrera G (2019). Hidden three-state survival model for bivariate longitudinal count data. Lifetime Data Analysis 25, 529-545.
  • Machado RM, Van den Hout A (2018). Flexible multistate models for interval-censored data: Specification, estimation, and an application to ageing research. Statistics in Medicine 37, 1636-1649.
  • Van den Hout A (2017). Multi-State Survival Models for Interval-Censored Data, CRC/Chapman & Hall