Statistical Science


Imperial - UCL Joint Statistics Symposium

10 September 2012

The Statistics Section of the Mathematics Department, Imperial College London and the Department of Statistical Science, UCL are hosting a Joint Statistics Symposium.

There will be six presentations (30 minutes each, including questions) by staff from both groups and ample opportunities to network and catch up with colleagues. The event will take place immediately before the start of term and will close with a social gathering at a local pub.

When: 19 September 2012 at 14.00

Where: Read Lecture Theatre in the Sherfield Building (Level Five), Imperial College London

Outline timetable:

  • 14.00 Spectral Matrix Inversion: Uses and Methodology, Andrew Walden (ICL)
  • 14.30 Diffusion Modeling of Motion Trajectories Under the Influence of Covariates, Ioanna Manolopoulou (UCL)
  • 15.00 Developing Multi-Scale Virtual Karyotype Libraries for Cancer Analysis, Christoper Yau (ICL)
  • 15.30 Coffee
  • 16.15 A Longitudinal Model for Latent Cognitive Functions, Ardo Van Den Hout (UCL)
  • 16.45 Modelling Electricity Day-Ahead Prices, Almut Veraart (ICL)
  • 17.15 Modelling Network Data, Patrick Wolfe (UCL)
  • 18.00 Adjourn to Social gathering at Pub

More information can be found here.