Statistical Science


Dr Serge Guillas receives funding to work with Aspen Insurance UK on catastrophe modelling

3 November 2014

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has been funded by Aspen Insurance UK, EPSRC and NERC to conduct novel catastrophe modelling for a combination of earthquake and tsunami events. This will include numerical simulations of tsunami waves, statistical approximations of these simulations and financial modelling of potential losses, as well as uncertainty and sensitivity assessments.

Catastrophe (CAT) models are stochastic, event-set based computer models used by the (re)insurance industry to assess risks due to losses from extreme events. A high resolution tsunami CAT model is currently being developed by Dr Serge Guillas (Statistical Science) and Dr Simon Day (IRDR) at UCL for the region of the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada, in collaboration with the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework.

A postdoctoral position for the KTP is advertised at the below link.