Statistical Science


STAT0006 Regression Modelling


Module description

This module aims to provide an introduction to regression modelling, covering linear, generalised linear and generalised additive modelling, and with an emphasis on ideas, methods, applications and interpretation of results.

Further details are available in the STAT0006 UCL Module Catalogue entry.

Standard prerequisites

ECON0019MATH0057SESS0023 or STAT0021

Registration process

STAT0006 is offered as an elective. Prospective elective students who have taken one of the standard prerequisites should simply register for STAT0006 on Portico and await a decision. Prospective elective students who do not satisfy the standard prerequisites must additionally consult a member of staff in the Department of Statistical Science.

Other considerations

STAT0006 requires students to be able to interpret output from the R statistical software package, which is not covered in all the prerequisite modules. Help on interpreting R output will be available.