Request desk space in welfare facility, Chenies Mews

Chenies Mews is a centralised welfare facility for Security staff and contractors working on projects in and around the main UCL central campus. Requests for space need to be made to Logistic services.

Before you start

Opening hours 

7am – 7pm, Mondays to Fridays; and
7am – 2pm on Saturdays (weekend access will be subject to the approval of an out-of-hours permit).

Facilities include:  

  • agile working spacesl
  • changing rooms, lockers, WC and shower facilities;
  • seating area for workers to have lunch;
  • contractor site management offices and file storage; and
  • site induction and a training room 

Before using the building, you must attend a short briefing on the fire arrangements and building details. 

The Principles of Agile Working Desks 

  • You can use any available agile desk space. 
  • Clear and clean desk after use. 
  • Clear the desk if you will be absent for three hours or more. 
  • Each person is issued with one secure locker for personal use. 
  • Additional project-related storage is available in tambour units 
1. Email your request to logistics

If you require welfare or agile desk space in this building please e-mail the following information to logistics@ucl.ac.uk 

2. Book your safety briefing

To book your safety briefing, please email logistics@ucl.ac.uk