Out of Hours Working

Work taking place outside the hours of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and during bank holidays or closure periods is considered out of hours.

UCL is a 24 hour campus but opening hours vary from building to building.

Access after hours

If you would like access to a building after it's regular opening hours, please report to the Security Operations or Security Systems office where access can be authorised. 

Cluster room opening hours

Access times vary depending on the building that houses the particular cluster room. The norm is that the room is available during the official opening times of the building concerned.

Library opening hours

Library opening times vary in each individual library. Later access is available during term time and 24-hour access is arranged during exam periods. For more information, see UCL's library opening hours.

Out of hours requests

Staff or contractors needing to work out of hours will need to complete an 'Authorisation to Work' via the UCL Verature system.


Requests for out of hours access at UCL East should email the UCL East helpdesk or speak to reception. UCL East out of hours access requests should not use the form below.