UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


SEHI6006 History of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1918


UCL Credits: 30

Total Learning Hours: 300

ECTS: 15

Level: Intermediate

Course Unit: 1.0

Full Year

Module Coordinator: Prof Martyn Rady

Taught By: Dr Rebecca Haynes and Prof Martyn Rady

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Weekly Contact Hours: 2.0 (1 hour lecture, 1 hour seminar per week)
Prerequisites: All participants should normally have passed a full Intermediate Level course in History
Compulsory Module for: N/A

Summative Assessment

Coursework essays 2,500 words (25%)

3-hour examination (75%)

Formative Assessment

Oral Presentations plus feedback

Module Outline

This course concentrates on the high politics of the Habsburg Monarchy in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as the origins of nationalism in Central Europe, baroque art and architecture, and fin-de-siecle Vienna. The current schedule includes lectures on: the Baroque; Maria Theresa; Enlightened Despotism; Joseph II and Leopold II; Metternich and Conservatism; Czech and Slovak nationalism; Hungarian and Romanian nationalism; the Pre-March 1848; the 1848 Revolutions; October Diploma and February Patent; the 1867 settlement; Czech politics in the later nineteenth-century; Hungarian Liberalism; Culture and Politics c. 1900; Socialism and mass politics; the South Slav question; the Great War and the dissolution of the Monarchy. Weekly lectures are supported by tutorials. A principal aim of the course is to introduce students to the outstanding secondary literature on the history of the Monarchy.

Indicative Texts

    • Charles Ingrao, The Habsburg Monarchy 1618-1815, 1994
    • C A Macartney, The House of Austria: The Later Phase, 1790-1918, 1978
    • Robin Okey, The Habsburg Monarchy c. 1765-1918, 2001
    • Alan Sked, Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire 1815-1918, 1989
    • A J P Taylor, The Habsburg Monarchy 1809-1918, 1945



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        Full Year AffiliatesRegister for SEHI6006As Above 15
        Affiliates here for Term 1 onlyRegister for SEHI6006ATwo Coursework Essays 2000-2500 words (100%) 7.5
        Affiliates here for Terms 2 and 3 onlyRegister for SEHI6006BTwo Coursework Essays 2000-2500 words (100%) 7.5

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