UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Yangyang Zhao

Yangyang Zhao - 2nd year History, Politics and Economics

Yangyang Zhao
Hello! As a student studying History, Politics and Economics (HPE) at SSEES, I found that the course is extremely helpful in providing me with more insights into many subjects in the realm of social sciences, as well as the respective interlinks amongst themselves, and with other subjects that may sound less relevant from different academic domains. Another benefit of studying HPE is that the structure of the programme allows you to tailor your module selection according to your interests, so you could also choose to build up your knowledge on one specific subject as the years progress. Before coming to university, I was very undecided and unclear about my future career path. However, I found that SSEES and UCL give substantial support in assisting students in finding their best options.
Through attending career-related events at SSEES, such as career fairs, alumni talks, and also consultations with the career team, I am more determined on pursuing further education in macroeconomics, the political economy, and public policies. Exploring, discovering, and learning are not only restricted to academia at university. While living in London as a university student pursuing education, I am also an explorer of the diversity in cultures, thoughts, arts, and many more this distinct city has to present to its visitors. SSEES itself has a wide range of students coming from different backgrounds which I thought is absolutely a great way in bettering and expanding my exploration of the massive world. Overall, I really enjoy being a part of this outstanding academic institution.