UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Transition Economics Meets New Structural Economics - A Workshop

The recent global financial crisis has generated much debate about our understanding of the process of economic development, economic integration and globalization. In particular, the Economies of Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union - (ex) Transition economies - have experienced the biggest relative decline in the pace of economic growth. Therefore, it is timely to re-examine the theories and conceptual perspectives that have guided the transition process so far and to emphasise their virtues, understand their limits and propose new directions.

The workshop will bring together experts in Transition Economies to discuss different approaches to economic development and their theoretical underpinnings. Discussions will in particular contrast the traditional wisdom defending transition and institutional change with insights from New Structural Economics and Neo-Schumpeterian Political Economy.


Slavo Radošević, Justin Yifu Lin, Erik Bergloff, Michael Landesmann, Nauro Campos, Micheal Keren, Andrea Roventini, Randolph Bruno, Žilvinas Martinaitis, Natalya Vochkova, Karsten Staehr, Anthony Bartzokas, Michiel Bijlsma, Judith Clifton, Dominique Foray, Mikel Landabaso, Alasdair Reid, Erkki Karro, Saul Estrin, László Bruszt, Boris Kuznetsov, Daniel Daianu.


    Watch short interviews with Justin Yifu Lin, Michael Landesmann and Peter Sanfey, discussing: Is New Structural Economics relevant for Transition Economies?

    Post-Event Summary

    The workshop attracted more than 80 participants taking part, over 2 days, in vivid debates on the process of economic development. The workshop brought together about 30 speakers and panellists who shared their views and experiences.