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10 January 2022Dr Agnieszka Kubal has been awarded the ERC grant for the project HuRiEE (2022 – 2027)
21 October 2022Launch event: Human Rights against democratic backsliding in Poland  
24-25 February 2023

Dr Agnieszka Kubal presented at the When Justice Migrants workshop. Her talk has since been published in the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civil and Political Studies:Dissenting Consciousness: A Socio-Legal Analysis of Russian Migration Cases before the European Court of Human Rights’.

31 March - 2 April 2023

Dr Kubal and Denis Shedov represented the HuRiEE team at the 2023 BASEES conference in Glasgow. Dr Kubal presented a paper on ‘Women’s complaint to ECtHR as a window into the Polish society’ and Denis Shedov participated in a panel on Russia’s exit from the Council of Europe. 

23 May 2023

Dr Kubal and Dr Huszka (supported by Prof Birgit Apitzsch, Bochum and Prof Ramona Coman, Brussels) have been awarded follow up funding from the British Academy’s Knowledge Frontiers Symposia for their project on ‘Comparing Judicial Activism.

30 August-1 September 2023

Dr Kubal and Dr Huszka presented at the 2023 Annual meeting of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law: Law, Society, and Digital Pasts, Presents and Futures. Dr Kubal presented early research from the HuRiEE project on a sociological profile of court applicants and Dr Huszka discussed legal mobilization for language rights of the Hungarian minority in Romania.

16 September 2023

Dr Kubal organised the ‘Rule of law Crisis in Poland'. A public lecture with Professor Adam Bodnar (SWPS)’ event at SSEES.

21 September 2023 Dr Kubal published the article ‘The Women’s Complaint: sociolegal mobilization against authoritarian backsliding following the 2020 abortion law in Poland’ in the Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
19-20 October 2023

Dr Kubal and Dr Huszka, together with the project partners Professor Birgit Apitzsch and Professor Ramona Coman attended the launch of the ‘Judicial Activism as a modality of resistance and a form of communication’ project in Brussels. Dr Kubal introduced the keynote speaker for the conference, Professor John Morijn.

25-27 October 2023

Dr Kubal was a guest speaker for the keynote plenary discussion at the 22nd Annual Alexantieri Conference in Helsinki. The conference centred on discussions of ‘Decolonizing Space in the Global East: Legal Choices, Political Transformations, Carceral Practices’.

6-8 November 2023

The HuRiEE team conducted our third team away day and met in Berlin to finalise the publication strategy for the project. Watch this space for updates! 

02 December 2023

The project PI, Dr Kubal, presented at the 2023 ASEEES annual convention in Philadelphia as part of a panel on ‘Access to Justice: Challenges in Russia, Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan’. Dr Kubal reflected on the ways that Polish citizens mobilised through the European Court of Human Rights in response to authoritarian backsliding following the infamous abortion law.

29 February 2024The HuRiEE project is delighted to host Professor Alice Margaria at SSEES, where she will be speaking on ‘Juggling Justice: Insights from the Strasbourg Bench, discussing the ways judges manage the complexities of the European Court of Human Rights.
5 – 7 April 2024The HuRiEE team will be organising two panels at the BASEES Annual Conference in Cambridge. Each of the team members will give an update on their research so far in the panel: Human rights in Eastern Europe: historical and comparative perspectives. Then Agnieszka will present with Ramona Coman, Leonardo Puelo, and Birgit Apitzsch on authoritarian backsliding and forms of resistance to it. We hope to see you there!
24 April 2024Dr Agnieszka Kubal, PI on HuRiEE is hosting a discussion panel on LGBTQ+ rights in Poland, followed by a film screening ‘Woman of…’ at Bloomsbury Theatre by Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert.
02 May 2024Dr Agnieszka Kubal will give a lecture at ELTE university in Budapest, Hungary titled ‘The epistemological reflection on the humans behind Human Rights in Eastern Europe and Russia’.
07 June 2024

Beáta Huszka published an op-ed (with a co-author, Zsolt Körtvélyesi) in the EU Law Live Symposium entitled “The Impact of Enlargement on Human Rights in the EU: Disentangling Negative Trends”. 

08 June 2024

Hanna Oliinyk will be representing HuRiEE at the British International Studies Association Conference in Birmingham (BISA 2024). She will be speaking at a roundtable titled 'Ukrainian Identity, Regional Diversity, and Wartime Unity,' where she will discuss how Ukrainian human rights activists and legal professionals are addressing the challenges of the Russian war in Ukraine. 

27-30 June 2024

Hanna Oliinyk will take part in the 'Re(kn)own: Region(s) from Within' Conference, organised by the RUTA Association. She will be participating in the roundtable 'Decolonizing ''Communist Secret Services Archives'': Memory Politics, Human Rights, and Knowledge Production Challenges,' where she will talk about 'Search for Human Rights in the Ukrainian Communist Archives.'