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Qianrui Hu


Qianrui Hu

Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Wilson, Dr. Rasmus Nilsson 

Email: qianrui.hu.19@ucl.ac.uk

Present status: PhD candidate 

Working title of thesis: The Interaction of Ethnic, Regional, National Identity: A Case Study of People with Dual Nationality in Donbas in the Context of the Ongoing War

Research: My research will be focusing on the identity dynamics of people with dual nationality in Donbas since the outbreak of the war in 2014. People with dual nationality are the most representative examples of the complexity of identity in this region. This group of people can be seen as a bridge linking the seemingly mutually exclusive identity categories "being Russian" and "being Ukrainian". However, we can not assume the behaviour of people with dual nationality is simply the middle ground between "Russian" and "Ukrainian", and therefore this group of people can be served as an excellent case study to examine how "Russianness" and "Ukrainianness" work in different political contexts and the interactive mechanisms between "Russianness/Ukrainianness" with other social categories (social class, gender, etc.).

Research interests: Ukraine, Conflict Studies, Political Sociology, Political Geography

Research Centre Affiliation: Politics and Sociology Seminar Series; FRINGE