UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


SSEES Economists awarded partnership grant with Zhejiang University

20 February 2024

Zhejiang University

Prof Julia Korosteleva, Prof Slavo Radosevic and Dr Randolph Bruno have been awarded £10,000 as part of a joint venture with Zhejiang University (ZJU) The strategic partnership grant will support research on “Dual transition of manufacturing firms in Europe and China: towards inclusive and sustainable innovation and production”. 

Research on dual transition still remains a black box. ‘Digitalization’ and ‘greening’ are two key strategies considered to be highly instrumental for achieving inclusive and sustainable innovation and production. Both strategies are a response to the internationally agreed sustainable development goals (SDGs). ‘Greening’ deliberately promotes efforts and initiatives to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into operations, products, and services. A structural transformation towards a green economy will require close integration with digital technologies. Digital transformation strategies outline how firms leverage digital technologies improving operations, processes, products, and services.

The proposed collaboration will explore the dual transition (digitalization and greening) towards inclusive and sustainable innovation and production from a multi-level (firm-, sector- and country-) perspective. More specifically, as part of this international strategic collaboration, the group pursue three objectives: (i) initiating joint research with ZJU partners on the topic of dual transition; (ii) running online doctorate seminar series, built upon the ongoing PhD study group seminars at UCL SSEES under leadership of Prof Radosevic, while also engaging PhD students from ZJU; (iii) developing a consortium of researchers and other stakeholders to work on a joint research funding project proposal application, taking an integrative multi-level perspective on the issues of inclusive and sustainable innovation and production.

The project will run until August 2024. Prof Jun Jin coordinates for the Zhejiang University team.