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Homelessness Action - Safer Streets App

20 November 2023

Andrea Filip Tortella, a Politics, Sociology, and East European Studies BA student at SSEES and a Laidlaw Scholar, has researched homelessness extensively. As a result of his efforts, he has developed an innovative app that addresses the challenges posed by homelessness.

Image of a homeless person

The Safer Streets App aims to empower the homeless community by providing a platform for reporting abuses and seeking immediate assistance for basic needs such as food, medicine, and clothing. It serves as a bridge between the homeless, charitable organisations and police, facilitating real-time communication and assistance. Additionally, the app offers a secure way for administrators to monitor reports of abuse and help requests through a mapped interface.

 Andrea explains: "The Safer Streets App is designed to be a lifeline for the homeless, offering them a voice and a means to seek help when they need it the most." 

The app is designed to help the user: 

  •  Report Abuses: Homeless individuals can instantly report any abuses they are victims of, such as physical violence or harassment. With a simple tap of a button, the report is logged.
  •  Seek Help: The app features straightforward buttons for requesting food, medicine, or clothing. Once a request is made, real-time notifications are sent to the police and partner charities who can then provide immediate assistance.
  •  Profile Area: Users can register their personal information, including Name, Age, Nationality, Time being homeless, Reason for homelessness, and Former Occupation. Providing value data
  •  Administrative Map: An exclusive feature accessible only by the administrator, this map displays dots representing each report of abuse or help request. This enables better monitoring and resource allocation.

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Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash