UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Meet the SSEES Sustainability Ambassadors

17 December 2021

We are delighted to introduce you to the SSEES Sustainability Ambassadors, who will be working with us to complete the Green Impact Workbook in the academic year 2021-22!

Green ambassadors

Noor Khan-Lodhi

Noor Khan-Lodhi is a first year Geography student. Through studying Geography, she has become aware of the anthropogenic impact on the environment which has led to a keen interest in sustainability. She hopes to work with us in making SSEES a more sustainable place over the next few months as a sustainability ambassador!






Luiza Sierzputowska is a first year student studying Arts and Sciences. Luiza has been a scuba diver for six years. Having witnessed the detrimental effects of human behaviour on marine environments, she has become very sensitive to climate change and environmental degradation. Luiza voiced grave concerns when she came across manifold cases of turtles trapped in plastic bags or coral reefs devastated by oil spills. Those experiences prompted her to become UCL Departmental Sustainability Ambassador advocating for the more sustainable future and making tangible impact in my immediate environment.


Xinyu Pei is from from Beijing, China. Xinyu is a graduate student in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment. She has finished her Bachelor's degree in International Studies at the Ohio State University. During her undergraduate study, she took tthe Introduction to Environmental Science course which led her to explore current environmental issues. When researching on the specific topic of “the impact of climate change on Australia’s water resources and ecosystem”, she began to realize that the impact of climate change is far more severe than expected. Then, Xinyu chose to further pursue a master’s degree with her economics background and become a sustainability ambassador. She looks forward to working with us all toward a greener future!


After achieving the Bronze Award for the Green Impact Office Awards last year, we are hoping to work toward the Silver Award. All SSEES staff are welcome to join the SSEES Evergreens Team and help us work towards this goal. You can commit as much or as little as you can. Let the SSEES Green Champion, Barbora Posluch, know if you would like to join in.