UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Call for Papers: Truth, Reality and Imagination Interpretations from Eastern and Central Europe

15 November 2019

UCL SSEES Biennial Postgraduate Conference

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What is truth? This question has been proposed by humanity since biblical times. Our conference will focus on the concepts of truth, reality, perception and imagination across the post-Socialist communities of Russia, Eastern and Central Europe.

There are many examples from the region showing how truth is malleable, ranging from official propaganda to interpersonal discourse. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the transition to capitalism challenged perceptions of reality. Consequently, we see that interpretations of the past and understanding of the present in post-socialist societies are in a state of flux.

We are looking to bring together early-career scholars from across academic disciplines, including but not limited to politics, international relations, economics, history, sociology, social anthropology and inter-disciplinary fields in order to spur discussion across disciplines on issues of reality and imagination in the (re)construction of past and present in Eastern and Central Europe. We therefore welcome paper and panel discussion proposals linked to the broad themes of truth, reality and imagination.

Paper and panel discussion proposals could address, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  • How are social identities constructed in Central and Eastern Europe?
  • What are popular ideas of the true/false dichotomy?
  • How is history re-addressed in post-Communist East European societies?
  • What are East European Imagined Communities?
  • How do East European societies perceive Self and Other?
  • How does current news and social media challenge our understating of truth?

We hope that this conference will provide an opportunity for postgraduate students and early career researchers to present their research to a broad, cross-disciplinary audience, as well as to network with other scholars of the Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet countries.

Please send your proposals to: sseespgconference2020@gmail.com. The deadline is Monday 16th December. The conference will take place 19th-20th February 2020 at UCL SSEES, London.

Paper proposals should not exceed 300 words and panel proposals should be up to 700 words. Please, include your name, e-mail and university affiliation. The presentations should take no more than 20 minutes. The language of the conference is English.