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Rasmus Nilsson awarded Student Choice Award 2019!

5 June 2019

Rasmus Nilsson

Congratulations to Dr Rasmus Nilsson, Teaching Fellow in Russian Foreign and Security Policy who was awarded a Student Choice Award for Inspiring Teaching Delivery in the 2019 awards. 

The annual Student Choice Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and their contributions to our learning community at UCL. The Awards are wholly decided by students, from nomination through to judging the winners, a true example of students leading the way. These awards give students the opportunity to thank the staff who do a great job, and let staff know that their hard work has a massive impact on their lives, in the classroom or outside.  There are eight awards, which recognise specific aspects of staff work that are important to students.

Students describe Rasmus as “one of the most passionate, inspiring and supportive” professors within his department. He conducts his seminars in such a way that students actively want to participate and express their views without fear of making mistakes, he is always happy to engage in debates and takes his students on “intellectual adventures”.

Rasmus is always happy to engage in debates in class, responding actively and perceptively to the interests and queries of his students and adapts seminars to what they want to discuss. He breaks down even the most complex issues in a way that is easily accessible to everyone in the classroom, and takes his students on “intellectual adventures”.

Amongst the other winners, Rasmus was presented with the award by UCL Provost, Michael Arthur, at the awards ceremony held on 30 May.

Student Choice Awards 2019