UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


World Cup Guru App

1 January 2017

From 17 June 2014

A brand new World Cup app, created by SSEES student.....

Just in time for the opening match of the World Cup 2014, SSEES student Daniel Hakimian created a ‘World Cup Guru’ app which allows football fans to compete by predicting the outcome of each game, the winner being the ‘guru’ who makes the most correct predictions.

Danny, who has just finished his final year in BA Economics and Business with East European Studies, spent one term in Moscow and another in Beijing. The idea for the app developed from a discussion with his brother-in-law about the Premier League football. Since then he has received “incredibly good feedback from people who played the app at the end of the Premier League season”.

The result has been that there is now a team of four who work together in the Hatchery – the shared workspace for start-up businesses provided by UCL Advances.

Danny’s aim is to get 250,000 downloads by the end of the final World Cup match on 13 July. Speaking of his entrepreneurship, he said, “I just want to create products that people truly love to use”.

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