UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Louis K. Marmion

Louis K. Marmion

Supervisors: Prof Maria Rubins and Prof Alena Ledeneva 

Present Status: MPhil candidate

Working title of thesis: Andreï Makine’s socio-political rhetoric as legacy of his Soviet identity


My research explores the socio-political rhetoric Andreï Makine expresses in his writings and public statements.

Across Makine’s repertoire of fiction and non-fiction works, in addition to public utterances, we can systematically find examples of socio-political rhetoric of conservative ideology. By expressing such rhetoric, Makine goes against the grain of the largely liberal French mainstream intelligentsia. This distinguishes the author from his peers while highlighting his Soviet background, émigré status and authorial identity as objects of analysis.

The main research questions I aim to address are, among others: What is the position of the émigré author in relation to the societies, politics and geopolitics of the countries the author emigrated from/migrated to? How does the émigré author articulate ideological persona(e) in relation to his/her country of origin and country of adoption? How can these questions be answered in the case of Andreï Makine and émigré authors of the First Wave?