UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Lili Zemplenyi

Lili Zemplenyi - History, Politics and Economics BA, Year 3

student ambassador

One of the greatest advantages of studying History, Politics and Economics at SSEES is that the interdisciplinary approach of the course provides you with a lot of flexibility to pursue your interest. If you want to keep studying all three subjects after your first year you can do so - however, if you want to dedicate more time to one or two of the subjects you can select your modules accordingly. I myself focused mostly on Economics - I am particularly interested in the structural change the region has gone through from a command economy to a market economy in the 1990s.


Studying market liberalisation provides a fascinating insight into the complexity of a market economy, which is a useful addition to your studies of micro- and macroeconomics at SSEES. 

SSEES is more than just the academics - the Department has a strong student community which is greatly supported by the SSEES Society who regularly organise both social and academic events for undergraduates. The strong student community at SSEES was particularly important to me during lockdown and online teaching - while I am spending my first term in Hungary, I still feel part of the student community as I can regularly engage in Zoom socials with my friends from the department.